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New Rooster

Posted by Farmer John on Oct-11-2010

We’ve got a new rooster! Not sure what type of chicken he is, but he is quite beautiful and the girls seem to have easily accepted him into the flock. Interesting how they wouldn’t have been so friendly if we’d added another hen…

Found Hector at Linnton Feed in the reject cage at the front door.  He was surely headed for the stew pot if we hadn’t come along.

For a rooster, he seems quiet. He crows in the morning, but not obsessively. We’ll see if he becomes noisier as he gets more comfortable with all his hens.

Without a veggie garden during the winter, I haven’t had enough greens for the chickens. Whole Foods has been nice enough to give me a weekly box of produce they can’t sell. Got to keep up the omega-3’s in our eggs!

What we feed our hens

Posted by Farmer John on Oct-11-2010

Scratch and Peck Feeds

“You are what your animals eat…”


We discovered this feed a couple months ago. It’s produced by a local NW company out of Bellingham, Washington. All natural, Soy free, Non-GMO & Washington organic grains.  They started out making this in a borrowed cement mixer in their backyard. Word got out about their ‘wonder feed’ & demand increased beyond the backyard cement mixer.

Most commercial feed is in pellet form, whether organic or not. This stuff looks like what a bird would & should be eating. Seeds & grains. It’s high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein & essential vitamins. It also contains Camelina- which is rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Also contains wheat, barley, field peas, fish meal & kelp meals.

Good stuff for the hens and the humans!

Very cold

Posted by Farmer John on Oct-11-2010

Chicken Gate in snow…

January 2011 came in dry & COLD!  The girls’ water has been freezing every night. We’ve been refilling the outside water daily, which seems to work fine during the day without freezing. We put a warming light inside the coop for night time roosting. It’s keeping them happy enough to keep laying, even during the cold weather.

Extra greens for winter…I’ve been picking up discarded vegies & greens from Whole Foods every Saturday. This is the stuff they can no longer sale but are happy to let me have for my chickens. Hens love it!

PrettyGirl goes rogue…..

Posted by Momma Hen on Sep-24-2010


Egg Stash


We couldn’t figure out why we were getting so few eggs with 14 hens. September is usually a very good month for egg production. Well today, Zack found Prettygirl on the other side of the fence in the wooded area. After some investigation, he discovered her secret nest/egg stash. 16 eggs!  (dog omelet tonight)  She had created a cozy nest at the base of one of our redwood trees within all the ivy. From the quantity of eggs found, she’s been at it for at more than 2 weeks. Bad girl!   Apparently she has not been comfortable enough with the coop nesting boxes and decided to create a spot away from the other hens. Ok, back to trying to decipher hen logic. We’ll work on trying to figure this one out. Hopefully no one else caught on to this.


momma hen

Mighty Chicken-Chaser…..

Posted by Momma Hen on Aug-29-2010



One of Ellie’s favorite spots….coop roof.  Every morning she likes to check out the chickens from this spot. (click on image to see full screen)


Momma Hen

Where Giant Zucchini goes to die……

Posted by Momma Hen on Aug-19-2010
I’ve found a perfect place for that zucchini that quadrupled in size during the night. The Hen Yard.  I tossed a humongous patty-pan squash out there the other day. The girls were a bit shocked and confused. Uncertain  whether to peck or run. Of course boredom got the best of them and they spent the day taking turns pecking at it. Apparently, hollowing out the said squash was a group effort over the course of the day.

pecked thru center



Casa de Coop….

Posted by Momma Hen on Jul-25-2010

Summer 2010


Hazelville gets an ‘up-do’….check out our new roof!!  After a very wet Spring & beginning of Summer, we knew that our under-the-deck coop-roof wasn’t working so well. John had done a great job engineering an internal roof that had water draining off thru an inside gutter. However, it just couldn’t with stand the persistent NW rain. The inside coop & nesting boxes were suffering. SO…my vision of a coop cottage in the woods was born. Thanks to John’s great skills & craftsmanship, we’ve got a coop that guests will be fighting over! Move over Hazel & Co., we’ve got family coming…  

Check out our new page of the actual coop construction, under FARM PICS.  


Momma Hen  


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