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Posted by Momma Hen on Feb-6-2010


  Most of you know we lost Lilly on December 21, 2009….our 10 yr old smooth-hair fox terrier. She was my pal & my farm dog.  We made the chicken rounds together early every morning while the boys (Leo included) were still fast asleep. She liked to stand on the deck above the coop and bark at the hens as I let them out. Although I knew she’d love to get in there and tear up some chickens, I kept  her outside of the hen area for good reason. Chickens & terriers don’t usually mix well. Once in a while we’d be out there doing garden stuff, and she’d  get into it with Hazel across the fence. With Lilly charging and barking, Hazel would counter act with a dive and a peck. Basically they would be sparing each other across the wire fence. Neither would back off. I didn’t realize how tough & agressive chickens can be in some situations (hawk attack excluded). It was really funny to watch these two try to itimidate each other across the fence. Now Leo on the other hand, is very leary of the chickens- rightly so, as they like to take advantage of his fear/caution and charge him at every opportunity. Once in a awhile his beloved tennis ball drops into the hen yard. Of course, all the girls immediately run over to the ‘intruder’. Sending Leo into the chicken-mix to retrieve his  ball is always entertaining! Something I wouldn’t have done with Lilly. Anywho, she is greatly missed by her family. We reminisce frequently about what Lilly ‘did or would have done’.  

 Hey-all of you out there reading (or not) my blog, you CAN comment. Just a short note- like “good luck stupid-fool” or ” could you please learn to write better?” would give me some indication or encouragement that my weekly babblings are not lost to cyberspace. (SHOUT-OUT to MB—you rock girlfriend!)  

Momma Hen

  1. Robin Moore Said,

    I’m really enjoying the posts! I didn’t realize you lost Lilly a couple months ago, I’m so sorry. And who knew chicken antics could be so entertaining! I know spring is going to bring lots of adventures and activities for your brood, I’m looking forward to it!

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