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Whimsical or just weird….?

Posted by Momma Hen on Mar-22-2010

Elf door in chicken run

I ask myself this question everytime I’m drawn to something more to tuck into my garden. For example: Elf door on giant sequoia in chicken run. My sister, of course, gave me this door which I love. It goes to nowhere, but just seeing it there at the base of one of my favorite trees causes some amount of pause. It keeps my imagination humming. There are also windows to match AND a tiny suspended lantern (battery operated) available to match this tiny elf door.  (oh– there’s also a Holiday Elf door, complete with a festive wreath) I’ve been resisting getting these because it may further my weirdness with this whimsy thing I seem to share with my sister. There’s a fine line somewhere in there… I fear that my yard is evolving into a place where trees have faces, tiny doors leading into  imaginary lands where fairies flourish and squirrels talk, chickens with funny hats & hand-knit sweaters, bird houses painted in crazy colors, maybe even a tiny castle tucked under a columbine in my shade garden, only to be exposed when winter comes…  OK– fast forward 25 years. I’m now the weird old lady with the garden from some fairytale.  (if we want to keep Portland Weird, I’ll definitely be a contributor)  Parents with small children will make regular stops just to stare thru my fence.  A friend once told me, we don’t get old we just get more so. Oh well, so be it. I can’t hold out much longer without the suspended lantern or the windows to match.

Keep posted….am working on further chicken coop decor inspired by my awesome, most talented friend Mary Beth Novak. (famous artsy, ‘Martha -goes-Berkeley’  beat-nik officiode, loving parent to Scooter and sweetheart Olive)



  1. mbnovak Said,

    Cock a doodle doo!

    Ok, I can see it now. In our old age your house and yard is going to be covered with all kinds of little elves, knomes, chicken wire sculptures, doors, windows, gates, lanterns etc. My house will simply be chewed to sawdust by all the squirrels, rats and other rodents I’ve attracted to my yard. Look on the bright side. Neither of us will see hide nor hair of a cat with all our dogs (which will of course number in the hundreds)


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