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Posted by Momma Hen on Jun-6-2010


Hazel and a "thing-or-two"

Weather finally cleared today. A nice 75 degrees instead of that annoying , constant rain we have been tolerating for entire month of May. Whew! !! We finally could get the newbies out into the henyard. Setting the chicken tractor out in the run, we brought down the 5 younsters & set them up for the day. Oh Hazel was not pleased!  She circled the tractor with neck feathers raised and lots of hen verbage spewing forth…..  Am guessing that she’s  making it clear to the teens what to expect once  free of the cage and in our midst. (hmm, maybe something to be learned here. Note to self)  We’re back to the chicken logic, which I am never sure what I’m supposed to do about. Anyhoo, they’ll survive once we finally let them loose with the group- which by the way- will be in the dead of night, placing youngsters into the coop while it’s dark (heh, heh). They’ll be confused in the morning, but this much I do know. It’s safer this way.    


Momma Hen

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