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Meet OWL…

Posted by Momma Hen on Jun-14-2010
Owl (June 2010)

We’re not sure what she is… maybe a rooster, maybe an OWL? We purchased Owl at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply in April, along with 2 other Amercanas. Her coloring is really bizarre. Amercanas are usually golden colored, not grey and black. Her feet are also unusually large- which = rooster before. We’ll see what happens…and keep you posted.

All the teensters have been out in the coop for a couple days. They are a bit FREAKED out, spending the day inside the coop in the far corner, under the grid floor, where they will surely be pooped upon. We’ve tried to pry them loose several times, but they continue to huddle together in this one spot. This is all chicken logic based on old-hen-pecking order. I’ve kicked a couple of old-hen butts today & will continue with the boot until the teens are settled. Hopefully, they will venture out into the yard as the weather improves. Will keep you updated!


Momma Hen

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