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Posted by Momma Hen on Jul-25-2010

Summer 2010


Hazelville gets an ‘up-do’….check out our new roof!!  After a very wet Spring & beginning of Summer, we knew that our under-the-deck coop-roof wasn’t working so well. John had done a great job engineering an internal roof that had water draining off thru an inside gutter. However, it just couldn’t with stand the persistent NW rain. The inside coop & nesting boxes were suffering. SO…my vision of a coop cottage in the woods was born. Thanks to John’s great skills & craftsmanship, we’ve got a coop that guests will be fighting over! Move over Hazel & Co., we’ve got family coming…  

Check out our new page of the actual coop construction, under FARM PICS.  


Momma Hen  


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