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PrettyGirl goes rogue…..

Posted by Momma Hen on Sep-24-2010


Egg Stash


We couldn’t figure out why we were getting so few eggs with 14 hens. September is usually a very good month for egg production. Well today, Zack found Prettygirl on the other side of the fence in the wooded area. After some investigation, he discovered her secret nest/egg stash. 16 eggs!  (dog omelet tonight)  She had created a cozy nest at the base of one of our redwood trees within all the ivy. From the quantity of eggs found, she’s been at it for at more than 2 weeks. Bad girl!   Apparently she has not been comfortable enough with the coop nesting boxes and decided to create a spot away from the other hens. Ok, back to trying to decipher hen logic. We’ll work on trying to figure this one out. Hopefully no one else caught on to this.


momma hen

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