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New Rooster

Posted by Farmer John on Oct-11-2010

We’ve got a new rooster! Not sure what type of chicken he is, but he is quite beautiful and the girls seem to have easily accepted him into the flock. Interesting how they wouldn’t have been so friendly if we’d added another hen…

Found Hector at Linnton Feed in the reject cage at the front door. ┬áHe was surely headed for the stew pot if we hadn’t come along.

For a rooster, he seems quiet. He crows in the morning, but not obsessively. We’ll see if he becomes noisier as he gets more comfortable with all his hens.

Without a veggie garden during the winter, I haven’t had enough greens for the chickens. Whole Foods has been nice enough to give me a weekly box of produce they can’t sell. Got to keep up the omega-3’s in our eggs!

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