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Posted by Farmer John on Oct-11-2010

Wow! I am so guilty. Have not posted anything for 1 year. Really, I have no excuse. Absolutely none. I can only reason that time speeds by at a lightening pace & I find many other things to do. Regardless of my lame excuses, I can only say that it’s a rainy Sunday & I’ve found time to do some blogging.

We now have 17 hens + 1 very impressive rooster (Hector the 2nd). They are out there eating like royalty and laying very few eggs… We found a new feed from a local NW company. Scratch & Peck. Rather than pellet form feed, this is a mixture of natural grains & seeds. I would eat the stuff. (actually am..indirectly. Which is always the main point.) The winter weather has greatly slowed the egg production out there & it’s hurting the budget. I’ve got my loyal customers begging for eggs. Well, if the girls don’t step it up out there by early Spring, I’m afraid heads may roll.

We’ve decided not to purchase more hens this Spring. We are considering purchasing a couple of turkeys, in preparation of November festivities. Will keep you posted on how that may all work out.

Check out the smallest egg ever!


Cheers! Momma Hen.

  1. Monica S Said,

    I am sorry to hear you have a Hector II. I had just grown fond of Hector I. I understand you need to have a light on in the coop. I heard that from some lady that has TOO MANY EGGS. (in her coop) (coupe?)
    I don’t know how John is w/ ‘lectricity, but maybe one of the boys can rig something up. My ’93 Ranger has sprung a leak, I was thinking of parking it at your place – maybe you can run a line off of the battery? since it still works. The truck doesn’t much range over a 10 mile radius, I’ll see if I can get it towed down.
    Thought of you lovingly the other day when Mufasa puked in said truck, missed the floor got it on the velour seat. I was at a 4 way so I couldn’t really do anything. But, he had eaten something in the woods that didn’t agree with him or smell very good. Reminded me of Lilly. Did the boyz arm wrassle for the front of the Christmas card? Good one. xoxoxo – Monica

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