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Mighty Chicken-Chaser…..

Posted by Momma Hen on Aug-29-2010



One of Ellie’s favorite spots….coop roof.  Every morning she likes to check out the chickens from this spot. (click on image to see full screen)


Momma Hen

Where Giant Zucchini goes to die……

Posted by Momma Hen on Aug-19-2010
I’ve found a perfect place for that zucchini that quadrupled in size during the night. The Hen Yard.  I tossed a humongous patty-pan squash out there the other day. The girls were a bit shocked and confused. Uncertain  whether to peck or run. Of course boredom got the best of them and they spent the day taking turns pecking at it. Apparently, hollowing out the said squash was a group effort over the course of the day.

pecked thru center



Casa de Coop….

Posted by Momma Hen on Jul-25-2010

Summer 2010


Hazelville gets an ‘up-do’….check out our new roof!!  After a very wet Spring & beginning of Summer, we knew that our under-the-deck coop-roof wasn’t working so well. John had done a great job engineering an internal roof that had water draining off thru an inside gutter. However, it just couldn’t with stand the persistent NW rain. The inside coop & nesting boxes were suffering. SO…my vision of a coop cottage in the woods was born. Thanks to John’s great skills & craftsmanship, we’ve got a coop that guests will be fighting over! Move over Hazel & Co., we’ve got family coming…  

Check out our new page of the actual coop construction, under FARM PICS.  


Momma Hen  


Meet OWL…

Posted by Momma Hen on Jun-14-2010
Owl (June 2010)

We’re not sure what she is… maybe a rooster, maybe an OWL? We purchased Owl at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply in April, along with 2 other Amercanas. Her coloring is really bizarre. Amercanas are usually golden colored, not grey and black. Her feet are also unusually large- which = rooster before. We’ll see what happens…and keep you posted.

All the teensters have been out in the coop for a couple days. They are a bit FREAKED out, spending the day inside the coop in the far corner, under the grid floor, where they will surely be pooped upon. We’ve tried to pry them loose several times, but they continue to huddle together in this one spot. This is all chicken logic based on old-hen-pecking order. I’ve kicked a couple of old-hen butts today & will continue with the boot until the teens are settled. Hopefully, they will venture out into the yard as the weather improves. Will keep you updated!


Momma Hen


Posted by Momma Hen on Jun-6-2010


Hazel and a "thing-or-two"

Weather finally cleared today. A nice 75 degrees instead of that annoying , constant rain we have been tolerating for entire month of May. Whew! !! We finally could get the newbies out into the henyard. Setting the chicken tractor out in the run, we brought down the 5 younsters & set them up for the day. Oh Hazel was not pleased!  She circled the tractor with neck feathers raised and lots of hen verbage spewing forth…..  Am guessing that she’s  making it clear to the teens what to expect once  free of the cage and in our midst. (hmm, maybe something to be learned here. Note to self)  We’re back to the chicken logic, which I am never sure what I’m supposed to do about. Anyhoo, they’ll survive once we finally let them loose with the group- which by the way- will be in the dead of night, placing youngsters into the coop while it’s dark (heh, heh). They’ll be confused in the morning, but this much I do know. It’s safer this way.    


Momma Hen

New Sign…

Posted by Momma Hen on May-18-2010

Check out our new chicken sign…posted on our outer gate.  My niece Cassie sent this to me. Love it! We’ve got it in a spot that can be easily seen by all the cyclists that transverse up and down Springville, as well as motorists. Should bring a smile.  :^)

Upcoming coop improvement: We’re getting ready to re-do the coop roof. Our present roof-inner workings has become a bit too leaky in spots. Since we’re adding 5 more hens soon, the roof needs to be remedied.  Stay tuned for project pics!

Baby Chicks

Posted by Momma Hen on Apr-25-2010

New Hampshire Reds

We’ve got 5 new chicks to add to the flock!
 2 Amercanas (blue eggs) and 3 New Hampshire Reds.  They are growing at a fast clip in our brooder. Once they get big enough and the weather warms, they’ll be introduced to the rest of the girls. Tricky biz, as chicken logic comes into play. We’ll have them in the chicken tractor for a bit before letting loose in the hen yard. This will give everyone time to check each other out. Then, when all is dark, we’ll sneak the neebies into to the coop. Morning will bring some confusion, but they’ll work it out!
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